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the creepiest of creepers. they lurk in the shadows of your neighborhood wal-mart, wendy's, community colleges, etc.
the creeper who is about 4ft tall, slightly balding, with orange skin.
sometimes shows up at your place of business and asks for "help" then proceeds to ogle you and undress you with his mind.
realli weird chicks(lyk your boyfriends ex) that you've never met who constantly look at your myspace page. then dont have the guts to say something to your face so they leave you "anonymous" hate mail and its obvious who they are.
in this case the best thing to do is to call that bitch on her cellular and tell her she ain't no superhero so there is no need for a secret identity.
my 2 top super creepers
kemra and dusty
super-duper creeps.
when i see them i cant help but sing dont fear the creeper to the tune of dont fear the reaper.
by CommanderCutie May 03, 2009
Someone who goes to parties and intentionally does not get drunk, although they pretend to, to make it easier to get chicks. They usually get rejected anyways but follow them around asking continually.
Fuck, that dewd is nonstop harrassing that hammed chick. What a super creeper.
by hugh bo May 01, 2007
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