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Rising from the Frozen Tundra near Lambeau Field, the Super Bowl Phantom makes his rounds on the night before the Super Bowl. He delivers all misplaced, back-ordered, misdirected, forgot-to-purchase, and otherwise recently discovered Christmas presents to good little girls & boys, regardless of their age.

If the Super Bowl Phantom visits your home, but doesn't have a gift for you, he'll leave a token something -- candy bar, money for the pop machine in your dorm, etc. -- so you don't feel left out.
Sabina: "Dang it! I just got an e-mail that Gerry's gift is on back order until the 27th! Now what do I do?!"

Lissa: "Just tell him that's he'll get a visit from the Super Bowl Phantom. It'll be fine."
by Rottadorable December 20, 2010
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