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An Angry Pirate is when you jizz in a chick's eye (any one), and kick her in the knee; causing he to cover her eye while hopping around on one leg. The covered eye represents an eye-patch, and the hopping represents a wooden/peg-leg. Thus creating an angry pirate.

A Super Angry Pirate, is when you cum on the chick's back, while she's in her slumber. Then place a bed-sheet on her back, and when she wakes up the sheet would be crust-stuck onto that bitch's back, representing the cape which Superman flies around in. Thus creating the Superman.

Now, put the two together.. Superman that hoe, then Angry Pirate her; thus creating a Super Angry Pirate! Now thats what I call a fucking Kodak Moment.
Dudeeeeeee, when ______ fell asleep, I Super Angry Pirate'd that bitch!
AWESOME! What'd she do when she recovered!?
She cried for a bit, but I just kicked her in the knee again and told her to get the fuck back in the kitchen.
by dmf_btt April 09, 2008
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