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This phrase is used during a game of Monopoly when a player who has an attraction towards another person, lands on luxury tax. The use of this phrase is correlated to the other definition of being indicative of two people's attraction towards each other.
David, Philip, Daniel, and Vicky are playing a game of Monopoly.
Daniel rolls the dice and lands on luxury tax.
David and Philip: *Laughs*
Philip: Sup tho Daniel.
David: Sup tho Daniel; who you buyin' that rang fo'?
by Sup Tho Guys September 08, 2010
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A phrase you say to be indicative of a flirtatious vibe between two people or outright expose a developing couple for the relationship that they share.
David and Daniel are hanging out having a conversation.
Vicky suddenly shows up and approaches them two.
Vicky gives Daniel a hug and starts flirting.
David: Sup tho Daniel. Sup tho Vicky. *Laughs*
Daniel and Vicky: *Clueless to what David just said*
by Sup Tho Guys September 08, 2010

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