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Kool-aid that has 3 1/2 cups of sugar and 3 packs kool aid mix (2 orange and one lemonade ice) laced with cocaine.
Jacksinhowezer made some sunshine dust and put it in my refridgerator
by amsatanforlife September 03, 2006
66 38
PCP or any form of potent hallucinogen purchased in low income housing neighborhoods
Me 'n Tyrell goin' pick up some o dat sunshine dust dawg ya heard me?
by Derel November 17, 2006
19 24
a females vaginal area
i touched her sunshine dust yesterday.
by lex dawg January 03, 2007
14 47
My lovely wifeyfer. Sunshine Dust, Turtle Dove, Sugarpants, the love of my life.


Why hello, Sunshine Dust!!
by HOOSBAND February 24, 2005
19 77