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Noun or Verb. It's the "Pollyanna approach" people, especially politicians and advertisers, use to persuade others that things are better than they really are in order to get what they want, your votes, your money etc. Politicians often do this when describing their accomplishments, especially the U.S. president in his State of the Union address. Advertisers make these exaggeratedly positive or down right untrue claims to convince the consumer that their product will "completely solve the problem" if the consumer only "acts now". This sunshine pumping benefits only the pumper at the expense of the one it is erroneously poured upon.
Barack Obama's grossly positive State of the Union address was full of sunshine pumping in hopes that the American public would forget the reality of the current recession and be so convinced of its supposed economic recovery that they would reelect him in 2012.

I was so sunshine pumped by the used car salesman that I ended up paying 5K over the car's actual value.
by Your Wordsmith January 27, 2012
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