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A witty Canadian with a bitingly sarcastic sense of humor and the ability to win the hearts of many with his loveable cruelty and noob-bashing.
Newb: Hiy, gys, wuts up. Im n00 two teh forumz and thawt i shhuld say hie i <3 Watrmanan <insert several obnoxious smilies here>

Sunny: You fail at life
by ChillyGod March 21, 2005
The biggest asshole in the hole United States... Right up there with Michael moore...
Sunny the Armadillo you fail at life...
by I pass at life December 17, 2004
Hey, It's Ghost (From WM), I've got A huge account here, and I'd just like to say Sunny The Armadillo is overrated.
He'll never find me here!
by Zach G. January 15, 2004
Chico's wife and hoinorable mention of ever-lasting humanity. Made a cameo in 3 different books based on 4 different movies based on 8 video games. Has lots of gold.
Revolution? More like Devolution!
by Gena Wilson March 22, 2005
The coolest person on earth, with whom I work with on the awesome as ever Fuzzies series.
Sunny the Armadillo writes the script for that awesome series, "Fuzzies."
by Blindside December 02, 2003
A friend of Skempel in real life.
(real name = stephen)

(btw, ghost.. he DID find you here...)
"sunny the armadillo and i deleted the pictures of penis' on the watermanstudios forums."
by Skempel May 24, 2004
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