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A popular drink, originated from PSU. Usually a gallon of Sunny D is purchased, a quarter of the jug emptied, and filled with a quarter of Gin. This creates somewhat of a ghetto mimosa. Some believe it is short for Sunny Gangster, while others believe its Sunny Gin. Meant to be shared, due to its size.
Pass me the Sunny G, G.
by bigjawnbleggi November 09, 2012
slang term for sunglasses .....
I lost my sunny g's at the beach.
by T November 13, 2004
The addition of the narcotic GHB (gamma hydroxybutyrate) to Sunny D orange juice. Sunny D can be purchased in small single serving containers making it optimal for mixing solid state GHB and concealing the drug. The overly sweet juice helps mask the salty taste of the GHB.
Yo, you snuck orange juice into the bar? Wtf?

It's Sunny G yo!
by Krimson April 27, 2007

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