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Someone who owns and drives a Pontiac Sunfire, usually between the ages of 16 and 25.
Customer: What about that one
Used Car Dealer: Oh yes thats a '97 Sunfire
Customer: Is it reliable?
Used Car Dealer: Lets define reliable...
***cellphone rings***
Customer: Hold on I have to take this call, I'll just buy it.
Used Car Dealer: There IS a god.

Sunfire owner: I just bought a Sunfire.
Friend: That's embarrassing.
by Elijah Fofijah January 28, 2008

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sunfire car good lasts nice. sporty not pontiac reliable ride terrible
Someone whos sensible and knows a good ride for the money. Lot of bang for the buck. This car lasts for a LONG time.
So you're a sunfire owner now? ... Smart move.
by html. January 30, 2008