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1)To perform a special move in the Square game Final Fantasy X-to summon Aeons; creatures under the character Yuna's command.
2)A little known slang term for a method of female masturbation involving stimulation of the sexual organs by use of the "rumble" feature on a PS2 controller. This can be achieved through a variety of games, but most commonly Final Fantasy X, as the rumble feature is especially strong when Aeons are summoned.
Guy1-"Dude! I'm totally kicking Seymour's ass!"
Guy1-"I'ma summoning my Aeons!"

Jake-"Wow, May seems to be getting a lot of enjoyment out of Final Fantasy X!"
Bud-"But of course-She's summoning her Aeons!"

"Leave me alone mom, I'ma summoning mah aeons!"
by SubjectSin February 02, 2009

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