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When someone is so fine that they are like the summertime. When you're around them you feel carefree and happy.
Bro: Damn she is so gorgeous i can't even describe it. It's not even that, when I'm around her i feel so amazing.

Other Bro: Awww mann she summertime fine.
by randomdudeeee October 24, 2011
June Ambrose
Person one: I heard someone say in a song "Baby you summer time fine", I don't understand what he was trying to say.

Person two: **Laughs** Just look at June Ambrose.

Person one: **Smacks forehead** He's saying she's sexy?

Person two: No, better than sexy, summer time fine.
by Bunnyguy01 July 16, 2012
(adj) This is when someone is only fine some of the time
Damn, that girl is summer time fine! She looks good every other day.
by Mahvelous April 22, 2011