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Sumguy21 is a possibly obsessive gamer who playes game like "Half-life 2" He is most awesome and is loved by many.
Mary: I love Sumguy21.
Paul: I also, love Sumguy21.
Frank: Yes, we all love Sumguy21.
Jerry: I dont.
Paul: That is because you are gay, and you have a dumb name.
Jerry: Oh, yeah.
Mary: I agree.
Frank: You agree about what?
Mary: Oh, that Jerry is a dumb name.
Frank: Actually, I dont think its that bad of a name.
Mary: Really, I think its kind of dumb.
Jerry: Yeah, you said that. You fail to realize that its not my fault I have this name, its my parents. I hate my parents.
Frank: Well... I guess I'm just alone.
Paul: I love you, Mary.
Mary: I hate you, Paul.
Paul: Wanna go see The Ring 2 and go make out?!
Mary: Well... I hate you, but I have yet to make out with a guy. So, yeah, I'll come.
Frank: Thats how I got my first kiss!
Jerry: Yeah, me too.
Frank: Hey, thats cool, we do have something in common.
Mary: Yeah, you guys would make good friends. Especially gay friends.
Frank: I'm not gay, because I love Sumguy21 (Who is ALL MAN!)
Jerry: I'm gay.
Frank: Well... 'Never made out with a guy before.
Jerry: Wanna try, its very interesting.
Frank: Yeah, and by the way. I hate Sumguy21.
Jerry: Lets go see The Ring 2 and make out at the same time.
Frank: I'm not allowed.
Jerry: Your not allowed to what?
Frank: See The Ring 2.
Mary: BWAHAHAH!!! Thats gay.
Frank: Yeah, my parents think its "Satans potion" or some crap like that...
Mary: That just adds to your gayness.
Paul: I havent' said anything in a while.
Mary: SHUT UP!!
Paul: Yes, Maam!
Jerry: I hate Sumguy21.
Frank: Me too.
Mary: You guys are gay.
Jerry: Yep.
Frank: Yepz.
Mary: Well, me and Paul are both not-gay/lesbian. We're going to make out, and we BOTH love Sumguy21.
Paul: Eat that!! w00t!!
Mary: Woot? Erm... Ok...
Paul: Whatever. Me and Mary are going to make out in that corner now, See ya guys.
Frank: Wanna go make out in that other corner, Jerry?
Jerry: Ok.
Frank: Damn we're so gay.
by Ian. March 14, 2005
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