to tell someone that what your saying you were just kidding about
Person:hey your shoes untied
Other Person:oh really (as he looks down)
Person: Suke!
by Anthony Buss October 20, 2007
Top Definition
Feeling sick as a result of having had too much to drink.
After a long night of drinking, everyone got suke and couldn't go to work the next day.
by Nantucket Cat December 27, 2009
Suke -

A combination of an Uke and a Seme. A Seme being the more dominant, experienced, or 'top' partner, while an Uke being the more docile, inexperienced, submissive and 'bottom'.

A Suke is someone who on the outside, would look or act like a Seme. Would be a more dominant personality, and think that they are a 'total Seme' but in bed, will basically submit and be the Uke.

Or a person who trys to be Seme in bed but ends up being submissive.

Usually used in Yaoi.
John " Oh yeah, you would think Craig would be on top because hes so arrogant sometimes. He just seems like he'd totally be Seme... but in bed he was blushing and moaning the entire time! I was suprised!'

Dave "Ohh hes such a Suke. He thinks hes a big tough guy. Guess not!"
by Orange01028 December 18, 2009
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