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1. A term of affection or sexual pet name, usually given to a very attractive female.

2. A sexual activity provided by a sexy female that is sweet, hot and dirty aka some seriously good sex. Interchangeable with hot, dirty, spicy, delicious or other words describing intense pleasure when referring to a sexual activity preformed by a woman.

3. The actual taste of a sexy female when compared with something sweet and spicy like cinnamon sugar.
EX 1. Come here my sugar spice.

EX 2. So take me for the first time, I need a little sugar spice, I wanna see the city lights, I'm gonna find a lover. As sung in the Jamiroquai song "Feels Just Like It Should."

EX 3. I went down on that hottie last night, damn she was as sweet as sugar spice.
by punkette229 June 28, 2009
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