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Sugar snaps can be used to portray an array of feelings such as; excitement, amazement, surprise,etc. It can also be used to say...OH shit, damn, crap, etc.

It is a save word to use when you are trying to express and emotion and want to avoid using swear words.
Ohh....Sugar Snapsss....I forgot to write my psych paper.

Ohh sugar snaps....look at that sexy beast.

Mark Anthony: Yo baby, my song is number one on the charts!!!
j-Lo: OhhhHhh Sugar Snaps!
by aPizZLe October 13, 2007
A term used to vent anger without using bad words.
(guy gets stabbed during a prison riot) "AHHHHH SUGAR SNAP, I DONE GOT STABBED!!!!"
by z1mm3r June 29, 2008
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