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A small, run-down town in the rural area of Chicago. "In-Town" at the Rock Gap is where all the skaters think it's at. Has the worst roads to possibly imagine. Is populated with rich people who own some of the best houses in Illinois. The new Jewel is the main pride & attraction. Kids go to Kaneland. Isn't famous, for anything. But still beats Elburn neighboring town, aka "The Burn". It's nicknamed "The Grove" or "SG".
"Would you rather go hang in Sugar Grove or the Burn?"
"The Grove dude, The Burn suuuuucks!"
by Maria Kernychny + Others May 14, 2008
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The S-Grove. Also known as the stupid town you pass when trying to get somewhere. Full of gas stations, a pizza shop, and that's about it. People think they are black.
Shit, I'm moving to Sugar Grove.
Where the hell is that?
It's close to Chicago.
by Jean Glenwood December 06, 2005
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