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Attempting to stray from the over-exposed trends that plagued Cincinnati Ohio's music scene, guitarist Chris Towning and drummer Joey Ray created Suffocate Faster in the fall of 2001. With pride in the straight edge lifestyle and influences like Hatebreed and Earth Crisis, Suffocate Faster sought to create music far more aggressive than what you were hearing on radio and television. Once the band's line up solidified with vocalist Chris Alsip and bassist Josh Secrest, it was time to bring their powerful sound to the proverbial table of the music world. On April 20th, 2004 the band released its first full length album, "Only Time Will Tell" through Broken Sounds. The album caught the attention of many, showed the world Suffocate Faster was here to be heard, and instilled the want for one more thing, touring.

So from May to November of 2004 Suffocate Faster did just that, playing all over the U.S. and sharing the stage with acts like Hatebreed, Full Blown Chaos, Bleeding Through, Bury Your Dead, Atreyu, Unearth, Comeback Kid, Throwdown, Everytime I Die, Between the Buried and Me, Scars of Tomorrow, Vietnom DMS, Shattered Realm, A Perfect Murder, First Blood, Death Before Dishonor, Agnostic Front, 100 Demons, Ringworm, Sworn Enemy, Terror, Mr. Dibbs, xDeathstarx, Embrace Today, and many more. Suffocate Faster was also featured on the Kevin Lyman Says Stage on the 2004 Vans Warped Tour. Look for 2006 to be the year for Suffocate Faster to up the ante. They will destroy a city near you.
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by Lady513 April 27, 2007
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