Greatest freaking place ever, in the freakin universe of all of the freaking life. IF you live in suffern you will never suffer hence suffern.
DUDE SUFFERN OWNS, like the greatest freaking place ever. i love this freaking place. YAH i know!!!
by Ez25 July 06, 2006
Top Definition
A small piece of Rockland County. Contains next to nothing, besides a few strip malls. Downtown Suffern can also be referred to as "Little Mexico", as well as DTS. The schools in this town are crap, starting from the elementary schools.Suffern High School is infested with STDs, whores and people who are racially confused.
She's a whore? Oh, she lives in Suffern. That explains it.
by mememememe November 16, 2005
Town full of bagel stores and deli's. Quick to the thruway. These girls here never stop wearing tie dye!
"I'm in the mood for a bagel. " " Lets put on our tie dye shirts and drive around Suffern to pick which one."
by mountiegirl July 17, 2012
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