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Born in January of 1955, Sue has been helping young men between the ages of 12 and 19 manage their stress for the past 31 years. Working out of London Ontario, Sue has positively affected the lives of many young men. By offering competitive rates, and house call services, Sue has gained loyal and affectionate customers. Physically, Sue keeps her body in peak condition by running daily, and participating in a daily yoga class. These daily exercises help to keep Sue's stamina and endurance unrivaled. Of Sue’s many value packs offered to customers, the most commonly purchased package is "Combo 5". This package offers two anal intrusions, and three vaginal intrusions, all for the price of $1.40 (28 cents each). Not only does the customer receive the pleasure of intercourse, but also the pleasure of grooming her enormous racing stripe. As you can see, Sue Gordon is truly a woman of substance.
"Sue is simply irresistible."
by General Diego January 28, 2005
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