A person who loves to suck on a penis because that's whats up.
" Damn bro, that one girl Denise is a pretty good sucker..she left my shit all limp!"
by PanchoYa already know March 01, 2012
Originated from a group of friends in Baldwinsville Ny, the term sucker is referred to as marijuana or an event that involves partaking in any underage/illegal substances.
Hey man, do you want to wake up early and smoke some sucker out of biffs turtle bowl?

I heard that there were a bunch of people trying to get a sucker going tonight, maybe moe can hook us up with a ride there.
by Bunter Splunter January 04, 2014
A gullible, credulous, and naive person.
Well, shit- you might as well shove a stick up my ass and call me a sucker!
by colio177 January 18, 2015
Derogatory racist term for white people
MTV has "Sucker Free hour or weekends" with all Black-ghetto Rap or Hip Pop music
by PCNOT September 15, 2011
A term to describe Someone whos easily fooled. Can also be referred to as a stupid person. Someone easily led and not a leader.
Why am i such a fucking sucker?
by Salvatore Harry Vitale February 02, 2008
A person, ranging from white trailor trash to upper class, who will take everything possible from society.

"Chaquika is such a sucker. She is making shit loads of money hookin, but still is on welfare".
by chicachicaboomboom April 17, 2009
Originally a fish in the Mississippi River that migrated south in the winter. Term was then applied in the 1830's to lead miners from Missouri. Northern miners without houses who stayed for the winter lived underground and were nicknamed Badgers and Gophers. Southerners who would go south each winter were called suckers like the fish. They would return each spring to buy worthless mining claims. Hence the term was coined. This is also why Missouri is now the show-me-state.
He sold his worthless mined out claim to a sucker.
by GTKC August 22, 2007
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