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The Sucker MC is what rules hip-hop today. Today we have Southern idiots, Crunk retards, G-Unit Bling morons, that have weak ridiculous lyrics, wack punch lines, and at the same time call themselves MCs.
Any Hip-Pop artist that is shown on MTV, played on the radio, and in the mainstream.
by 2nd Dopest Flip Ever To Live April 17, 2005
1. A person with poor lyrical ability

2. A non originator or innovator of hip hop, utilizing the same old gangsta cliches.

3. The opposite of 'dope mc'
"This sucka mc wishes he could keep up with me"
by Ras Juan October 04, 2003
n. An MC with an inflated opinion of himself, but no skillz or flow
All the sucka MCs try to diss, but they ain't got my flow
by EmperorKO February 16, 2003
One who is sucking at the moment..IE Crazy carling it up
YOU a sucka mc!
by Magano August 09, 2003
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