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its a word that is use to call somebody out its saying your weak ass fuck, scary, a punk, a straight bitch.
You's a sucka
by G December 06, 2003
A person who is being used, scammed, or tricked by some one else.
I just got that sucka to buy that brand new Baby Phat outfit!
by K- i- e- r- r- a November 14, 2005
Old school term for a chump who is easy to scam or assault verbally and/or physically; normally used to remind an adversary that they, well, suck. Suckas are known to start some mess they cain't finish and can be seen throwing rocks from their glass houses.
Man, you you betta clear on out before I turn my dogs out on you, sucka.
by Sky Monster September 25, 2006
one, who thruogh the means of being a punk,gets the short end of the stick.See;punk,punk-ass,and bitch.
Bruce Lee,"What now,sucka'?"
by sky May 09, 2003
The alternative of sucker. Often used by WWE wrestler, Booker T.
Can you dig that, sucka?!
by Weapon March 15, 2003
A sucka is the lowest of the lower. Even people who murder babies have the right to declare someone a sucka, if said person fits said description. A sucka is worse than the mentally handicapped monkey who rolls around in his shit. A man who lets his dog crap on someones lawn and doesnt pick up the crap is a douche, but not a sucka.
Yo man, you just failed.. You're such a sucka!!
by HelloMyNameIsFred September 10, 2011
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