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Tall but not that tall, tight footwear worn to nightclubs, house parties, bars, and other social locations, by women and some gay men, who wish to send the signal "eat/suck me".
Generally, the boots extend to calf level, but depending on height they may also reach a bit lower than the calf.
Leather is the traditional material, while latex or other shiny material signals a female or gay man ready to rut.
Obviously, these boots are worn with clothing that does not overlap -- usually, a short mini-skirt, hot pants or mini-shorts, furthering the "eat/suck me" signal.
Ex. 1: Look at Simon with his skin-tight tank top, shades, mini-shorts and his white leather suck me boots.. he just screams "suck me!"

Ex. 2: Look at Natasha with her super low-rise mini-skirt, cut-off tank top and her black latex suck me boots, god she just yells out "EAT ME!"
by Markkyto December 27, 2008
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