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(Adj)- Used to describe a teenager(15-19) boy or girl that is from the suburbs and lives a easy life. They aren't stuck up or spoiled really they just live a suburban life. Usually they are popular with every one, super good looking, play some type of sport (wrestle ,LAX, soccer, cheer leading, & baseball/softball).
Their parents are super nice but completely oblivious to the parties their kids have while they are away on business/vaca.

Suburban chill guys are very good looking, chill (duh), nice to everyone, funny, wears snap-backs, long boards, has a summer or all year round job, has tons of friends.

Suburban chill girls are pretty, some are slutty but usually only the try hards are. Can be spoiled by their fathers. Go to the mall, drink Starbucks, only shops brands, still very nice to everyone even her haters 'cause like it's not her fault she is popular, pretty, and has money.

Suburban chill kids always have large houses, live in the suburbs of course, usually vacation or party alot, good-okay students. Very trustworthy and fun friends.
Ex.1: suburban chill boy
Luke: Yeah, who wants to grab a bite at Panera after school? I just got payed and my dad let me have the car while he's in D.C.


Ex.2: suburban chill girl
Sara: Omg we should totes go to the mall Friday!
Emmy: I can't, i have LAX practice and I'm grounded for sneaking out last week to go to Lukes party.
Sara: Well then I'll come over. Ooo! lets invite everyone over too, it'll be chill.
Emmy: Maybe Luke will bring Taco Bell?
by Vape February 25, 2013
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