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At least 5 hetero couples meet on the first Saturday of each month. Then, they gang bang until everyone has a raw dick and swollen vag. Some prep advice would be to lay down some tarps and buy a palet of bleach to clean up with. Also, if you have no spouse due to a recent murder/divorce, its best to screen and hire a hooker at least a week in advance. Make her blow you so she knows how to cuff the balls at least. Then you know she's a pro.
Man, last month's Suburban Saturday was awesome. Erin made my dong burn for 3 days, but I think Johnny was looking at me more than normal. I think he wants to tickle my taint next month. We may need to defriend him and Bridget and invite Jason and Elizabeth instead.
by Burban Blumkin March 26, 2011
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