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Subpeona, a horrid piece of paper that informs you that you have to go to court to give testimony. Commonly the cause of many heart attacks. Commonly opens with "You are hereby COMMANDED to appear."
I got a subpoena in the mail the other day, I almost messed myself.
by Matt Schmidgall January 07, 2005
A progrssive thrash metal band from Philadelphia,PA.
Also known as the greatest band ever.
They have released one EP Thrashimus Maximus and their debut Album is to be released in fall of 2007 entitled If I Do I Die. They are becoming bigger and bigger in the east cost and are starting to tour in many states.

Did you listen to that band Subpoena yet?
Yes I did, they are the greatest band ever.
by Thakur May 18, 2007
While doing a chick from behind one performs a donkey punch with a gavel and yells the name of their favorite supreme court justice.
John gave her a subpoena last night for added jurisprudence pleasure.
by natezane June 06, 2006
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