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A very special and unique person who tends to come off strong but is truly a sweet kind-hearted person. Some view him as a jerk but only few will truly see the beauty that beholds in this special boy. He is one in a million and you will never find anyone like him. He is the most passionate and dedicated person you will ever meet. Only jealous, whiny bitches would say negative things about suban because they don't see the real caring and loving person he truly is. He has the biggest heart and a smile that will leave you breathless. He is an amazing guy worth risking everything for even if it means losing him just so he can be happy.

A true blessing from god

Someone worth living for

The greatest guy you will ever meet
You have a suban?! Wow you're so lucky

I just got a suban! I am truly blessed

I wish I had a suban

- Hey have you met the most handsome, amazing, sweet, loving, caring and generous person?

- Oh suban? yeah I met him the other day!
by Theloserbestfriend November 25, 2012
A very caring guy with a big heart, loves his family and friends and though he may not always show it, always appreciates the good people in his life. A pretty boy that can turn girls heads wherever he goes. Loves to dance, drink and have fun with the people he cares about most. Has a contagious laugh and a great smile. Anyone who is lucky enough to spend time with him will enjoy every second.
Shit, you have a Suban? Damn hold on to that one..
by OneLuckyGirl October 24, 2012
a tool, jerk, flirt who gets drunk then flirts with you for one night, then ten seconds later forgets about your special moment, and goes to dance and grind up 2 other girls asses. a person who is a major player and doesnt care whether he hurts girls because to him, love is all just a game and nothing matters except big boobs and alchohol.
omg he just pulled a suban! what a fucking jerk!
by sexygirl190178309486203613 October 18, 2010
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