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A special name given only to a special Subaru vehicle, preferably a Forrester. The vehicle can only be endowed with this name after faithfully serving its owner through good times and bad. Situations that merit this title include but aren't limited to: escaping some threat such as police or angry Mexicans, being found not guilty in a D.U.I case, annihilating a deer or other target and still drivable (and somewhat fresh), and/or serving as a location for various social activities such as smoking mad blunts or getting naked with girls. Owner of a said Subadoob frequently communicates with the vehicle, strokes and/or kisses the dash to show approval, and rewards it with nice detailing jobs and BG Engine Performance products. Once a driver-Subadoob relationship has formed, it will remain forever and the Subadoob will only be passed on to those worthy enough. If the driver decides to retain the vehicle during his/her later years in life and the spouse of the driver says, "get that piece of shit out of here, we need a new car," the driver will happily drive his/her Subadoob down to the city court house to file for divorce.
Driver: "So this is my Subadoob, I'm happy you two have finally met"
Girlfriend: "You gave it a name? It doesn't look all that special... Let's go get something to eat (steps in car)
Driver: "Hm... It's not starting; I've never had this problem before... You must have upset it by saying it wasn't special"
Girlfriend: "Real funny, maybe you should just consider buying a new car"
Driver: "Could you get out of the car for a moment?"
(Girlfriend exits, car starts immediately)
Driver: "Ha, I knew it, my Subadoob must think you're no good for me, peace out bitch" (peels off)
by Subaduda March 23, 2011
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