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The greatest YouTube user of all time. Mainly known by his uploads and support of Charles Manson, his Radio Werewolf upolads, his and his classic "Trip Reports" where he explains his trip on a psychedelic drug, and many others.

Over the years he's gone through many accounts. The first was Styxhexenhammer, and there was others such as Styxhexenhammer6, Styxhexenhammer3, StyxSEXenhammer, CharlieMillesManson, and the classic Botany101, which was probably his most famous account. His current account is Styxhexenhammer666.
Stoner: Man i wish i had some info on Amanita Muscaria.
Tripper: Don't worry, we'll watch Styxhexenhammer's trip report.
Stoner: What's a trip report?
Tripper: You'll see, prepare to be blown away!!!
by DarkAmbientForest February 04, 2011