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Person who is gorgeous but should never open their mouths to talk. Usually amazing lovers.
My god he is stupid hot, great in bed but I never want him to talk.
by Kaia Marie November 25, 2008
5 13
When it's so hot outside, that it's just fucking stupid. Anyone who lives south of San Antonio knows what i'm talking about.
Person 1: What's the weather going to be like tomorrow?

Person 2: The forecast said it would be stupid hot tomorrow, and for the rest of the summer.

Person 1: Fuck
by pbjoe June 03, 2009
36 15
describes an unintelligent person (usually female) of ample physical attraction that is somehow hotter still due to their apparant lack of intelligence -- possibly because they are potentially easier to take advantage of

source unknown
Guy A: omg, she`s so hot it hurts

Guy B: maybe, but she`s also an idiot

Guy A: oh yeah, she`s stupid hot...
by Hardryv August 15, 2006
13 20