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Stuff theory is simply the theory of stuff, created in 2002 by John C. Stella Jr. and Charles John Stella. There are 3 concepts of stuff theory

1. All stuff exists

2. All stuff is or isn't according to the individual
2a. To the individual, there must be a balance between stuff that is, and stuff that is not

3. To the individual, there must be stuff that isn't in order to have stuff that is.
Examples of Stuff Theory

1. The Redsox exist

2. I can pretty much say, that for everyone, death isnt
2a. To John C. Stella Jr., the Redsox are, and the Yankees are not. To Andrew J Pezzela, the Yankees are, and the Redsox are not.

3. Having money is, yet not having money, isn't
by John Stella Jr. April 08, 2008

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