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The result of you and your fellow classmates feeling completely overwhelmed and predicting a failed class in the future. Thus, a study party is planned, so that you will all study and pass. Also a really good excuse to eat tons of ramen.
Ferdinand:"I didn't understand a word that teacher was saying. I am going to fail this class and never go to college!!"
Elizabeth: "Woah, Ferdi! Slow down! We'll have a study party this weekend, because we're cool like that, and then we'll all pass!"
by bamshabam August 21, 2010
A study group in which alcohol is consumed in order to deal with the stress of college life.
Pre-med student: Man I'm screwed for this orgo exam. I can't go out tonight.

Bschool student: It's ok we'll just have a study party. I'll bring the beer this time.
by thetrulytruerobertpaulson October 20, 2011
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