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a headquarters for academically gifted students to ovoid the oppression of the world in order to practice the art of studying. Every aspect of the room has an intelligent connotation to it, books and papers usually populate flooring surfaces, and the window is always open. (note window also known as "the gateway"). Sleep rarely occurs within the confounds of a study cocoon because the students fervently believe that studying should be a habitual action. When a study cocoon is breached by moronic individuals conflict usually manifests. In such conflicts pencil throwing and vulgar slurs are often prevalent. If one is not careful a study cocoon can consume an individual, lack of conversing with outside individuals as well as a dearth of sun have led to fatalities and mental insanities among many individuals. (note lack of sun becomes a more dangerous prospect during the time of exam week) Study cocoons should only be attempted in the presence of 2 or more Ap's.
Student A: I need sunlight, the study cocoon has consumed me for 3 days.
Student B: your life sucks

Example 2: The study cocoon is like toxic drink in the middle of the dessert, without it you will die of dehydration, but with it, you die slowly with every hesitated sip.
by The Codex November 14, 2010
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