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An unfortunate practice in which people encourage men to embrace stereotypes such as being willing to have sex with anything that moves, being promiscuous without concern for ones partners, or being unable to control themselves around women. A mirror image of slut shaming, stud sanctioning is used as an excuse for male rapists and a way to put down men that aren't eager for sex.

Stud sanctioning is promoted through the early thirties, at which point men are expected to settle down into monogamous romantic lives, but it can be brought up again if a married man cheats on his wife.
Guy 1: I don't see why my girlfriend is pissed just because I made out with her mom. She's really hot, any man would do the same thing!

Guy 2: I'm not stud sanctioning you on this, you've got to stop thinking with your dick.
by Falcc August 12, 2012
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