A person who likes to make love to dead animals
You are stu-ing
by Anonymous September 10, 2003
One who is 2 inches,.................................. from the floor
stu is gay B
by Anonymous July 06, 2003
Gay person from #gamersdream who likes youngmen while playing paintball. He also likes to cry alot.
Hey you stu, you just got p33nt.
by rex March 24, 2005
A bathtub sized teen who has a fetish for girls/boys with small glasses, is in love with his German dwarf sister. He also moans about all the fat people wanting him and then goes out with one. He thinks Andy A. is god and wants to be his G/F, Laura. So he can 'play' with him and get played with. A fat lass called Katie G. wants him in her and wants to eat his meat but Stu won't let her in case she gets hungry and decides to have a munch.
Shut up Stu, go eat Katie's manmeat!
by Liarg Yloh Eht. November 26, 2004
1.A sad lonely man who is no where near as great as Chris.
2. Someone who is prudent and sucks at Day of Defeat.
Stu wishes he was as awesome as Chris
by Tiger Peenus April 06, 2004
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