The bomb ass mexican kid!
Girl #1- Who is that sexy motherfucker?!
Girl #2- That's Stu. He's pretty cool.
Girl #1- I want to smash him. NOW
Girl #2- I'm down. Threesome?
Girl #1- Oh man, yes.
by theman1231 November 03, 2009
short for stupid.
Not to be taken seriously
Jeremy: >points to teacher< Shes like the pope of Islam

Whole class: your so STU!

by f/k June 08, 2011
A creepy womanizer who likes to manipulate people.
Girl #1: That Stu is a creepy motherfucker. He wanted to get in my pants.
Girl #2: He already did...
Girl #1: *gasp!* That bastard.
by thenewone March 01, 2008
short for stubs, stubby, stubby steel. A Male whom others have a strong natural attraction. A stunning a gorgeous person. A strong and powerful person. A person who is drunk or under the influence of drugs.
Girl 1: Hey girls look at Stu over there.
Friend: Yea, he looks like he has a giant package.
Girl 2: You think so he's only 5'9.
Girl 1: Stu?!? I dunno, I should go find out.
Girl 2: OK, I will come over in two minutes.
Friend: Really?
Girl 1: (Smiles) and (Dances) towards Stu.
Friend: Thinks to himself---> I wish I was Stu
Girl 2: <3 Stu <3<3<3<3<3
by LiezureSuitLarry August 23, 2010
When someone is hardcore, full-out staring, at you or someone else.
Below is staring at me.

(Hot girl walks by)
Jr: o shit....
by darcy mcgee December 21, 2009
Same to You
Me:- *kiss*
Guy:- STU
by SEXYSLK August 15, 2009
a kid that is stupid i call him stu.
by pipse May 15, 2010

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