A typo of the word "strong," originating from competitive play of a game of Heroes of Newerth. Mostly used sarcastically because of it being a mistype.
Port key pebbles is too stronk, GG.
by Nighthound May 31, 2011
A mispronunciation of the word "strong" which generally means the same thing. Originated in the game Heroes of Newerth, most likely from the player Ixoziel who used it extensively. Usually denotes a player who is doing well/ is difficult to kill or deals a lot of damage.
*Moon Queen kills 5 heroes*
Enemy player: Damn moon queen too stronk
Moon Queen: look at my items noob
by Nathonas April 27, 2013
When you prove yourself strong or powerfull.
Person 1: That hurt!

Person 2: Yes im STRONK!
by KeeBarn June 05, 2012
Stronk is a synonym for strong.
Joe: Jake Shields didn't look that stronk when he got KO'ed by Jake Ellenberger.
Jim: Nope, not very stronk at all.
by blackname2011 September 20, 2011
The feeling of being caressed by a duckling's wet feet. As duckling feet are wet, and slimy, being stronked might cause you to create several typos and stare at people for long periods of time, without blinking.
Aw man, I was just stronked! I hope I don't satrt misspelling thingf!
by nutnut June 18, 2011
Started with Dan Dinh, a high ELO player of League of Legends, where he drank wine and got drunk while playing, yet still beat other players. Afterwards, people complained about him being too strong and drunk, or "stronk".
Dan Dinh is so stronk after that glass of wine, that he totally whopped the other team.
by Sparkmon August 20, 2012
1. A strong drunk
2. Drunkenly strong.
3. Strong person who drinks to much and tries or does some feat of strength.
4. When the mental faculties of a strong lifter are affected by much alcoholic drink.
"Dude I got so strunk yesterday I lifted a tree and parked it in front of my neighbours house." - Cixelsid

"Lets go strinking."

"Man, look at that stronk! He just pushed that car out of its parking space!"
by memorex39 March 12, 2012

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