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A Term used when a male gives a female a major facial i.e wacks off onto her Ricky Gervais and some hits her lip and she makes a weird face letting half her lip hand down thus making her look like she's had a stroke
" I burst out laughing when I gave her the money shot, she had a full-on Stroke Face
by John Gaskell March 24, 2004
Stroke face is usually captured in photos after someone has been partying heavily. It is where someone has a lazy, or lopsided eye that is completely or partially partially shut giving the appearance of a stroke or mild seizure.
Dude, you must have partied hard look at that stroke face in these pictures!
by Misskittykat September 15, 2015
The paralysis of one side of a persons face due to a mild to massive stroke.
Nancy Zieman on the Create channel has "Stroke Face."
by HBricks July 19, 2010
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