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Strip Joker is when you dont have a deck of cards for strip poker therefore you use jokes instead. This is how it works. You tell a joke to a girl, if she laughs then she removes an article of cloathing. A mere smerck constitues removal. This rule is in effect because many of them do not have a sense of humor and it makes the game more entertaining. You must have good jokes to play but those are not hard to find with a little research. I can guarentee drunk girls for go with this no problem.
Jason: Hey you want to play Strip Joker?

Sally: Okay

Jason: What do you call a bear with no teeth?

Sally: I don't know

Jason: A Gummy Bear

Sally: AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That's Hilarious

Jason: Damn straight! Now take your top off...

Sally: Umm okay
by The Gobfather July 10, 2010
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