1. A nick-name for an individual with an unsually large scrotum and/or testicles.
2. A nick-name for an idividual with an unusually pliable scrotum.
3. An endearing term for a good buddy.
4. A term used to describe a courageous individual.
"Wow," said Jill. "Jay has massive balls! No wonder they all call him 'Stretch Nuts'!"

All the girls called Jay 'Stretch Nuts' because he could stretch his sack the whole way around his kneecaps.

"Hey Stretch Nuts! Let's have a beer guzzling contest!"

"Man! That Jay is a real stretch nuts. He's got huge balls! Certainly not a nutless wonder like Bill..."

"Certainly it is known that Testiclese, the hero of ancient Grecian lore, had a massive ball sack. He was often referred to as 'Stretch Nuts' by his closest commrades at arms; not only because of his courage, but also because of his ample scrotum."

excerpt taken from:

'Testiclese and other Stretch Nuts of Ancient Mythology;

The lore of the heroic Scrotum in Western Europe'
by Stretch-nuts McPoop-knuckle January 15, 2012
Top Definition
An intimidating name to call somebody.
Derrick- You coming to my party later?

Rob- You think i'm gonna turn down pussy and beer? Of course i'm coming!

Derrick- Okay... But stretch nuts over there isn't invited!
by B-rizzleee January 31, 2010
Usually used as an insult, it basically means someone that can stretch his scrotum very far off his person.

Logan is such a fuckin stretchnuts

omg yeah so is frank, its like a gay fetish
by goatmaniso December 11, 2007
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