Skateboarding term reffering to a skater who has poor balance and always ollies w/ the front trucks really high up and the back ones about an inch off the ground. It is a result of not sliding your foot correctly. If you do it a lot, you become reffered to as a "streetrake"
Jarrod is such a streetrake. He needs to practice his ollie.
by allseriousness August 24, 2007
Top Definition
A street term for prostitute
Ashleys dressed like a streetrake
by travito September 12, 2007
1) a nickname for professional skateboarder pat rakestraw

2) a prostitute

3) a nosegrab tailskidder
did you see street rakes back tail? shit was gnar
by squirrelownsyou May 15, 2007
A slang word used on the street meaning Prostitute
Dude check out that gnarley street rake bro.
by Travitasun May 13, 2007
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