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Handing out free music in public, typically house music and on cd.
Streetbeat's the only way to guarantee that your music gets out there nowadays.
by John Bartmann May 10, 2008
The art of pummelling JP.
"Breaktime...Time for a Streetbeat JP!"
"Lunchtime...Time for a Streetbeat JP!"
"Bedtime...Time for a Streetbeat JP!"
by King of Town August 20, 2003
1. n. slang term for a drum cadence
1. Alright, guys, we gotta get the new street beat down before next Saturday's contest, so SHOVE YOUR BITCHIN' UP YOUR ASS AND SHUT THE HELL UP!
by dvdwinter9 June 25, 2007
A term derived from St Sampson's school playground. A group of children would pick out JP or a loner and give him a streetbeat.
I'm going to streetbeat you lenny.
by Beaucamp! August 20, 2003