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A particular variety, or descendent, of the south american, latino heritage. Street spics can be commonly seen in L.A. & Southern California, and various other urban cities in the U.S. with a heavy Chicano influence.
The are typically, "hanging at the lowrider meet", under a bridge, spitting on high school teachers while bitching about "the white man", transporting marijuana, cocaine, meth, and/or other drugs, driving 1964 Chevrolet Impalas, wearing bandanas and button-up shirts with only the top button buttoned, and, fathering many, many children.

In general, they are Latino Gangsters; the "inner city", latino heritage Latin American; uneducated, but not always.
Example 1: (Commentator with a mexican-american accent): next up mang, in the '64 candy apple imapala, Luis Rodriguez!

Example 2: (IRS) "You are being investigated on the basis of claiming 13 children and 6 different dependents in the last 7 years while on welfare, yet you have DirectTV, a lowrider, a garage shop, and Catholic, gold jewelry"
(Street Spic father of the Latin American Family): "Back over the border we go! Viva NAFTA"

Example 3: That typical bandana, buttoned-up shirt, baggy Dickies-wearing, .45 toting, mexican looking guy in your neighborhood. always smirking while you drive by, and rubbing his hands together, gesturing towards you. "Drug-Dealing" Hispanics.

Example 4: (Nicholas) An example is: See Cholos, they converse with street spics."

Example 5: Latinos are becoming the largely influential vote in the U.S. Presidential Elections

Example 6: Bouncin' down Sunset Blvd.

Example 7: Eddy Guerrero
by CheGuevara_1 December 31, 2011
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