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After giving a girl (or guy) a nice big facial, the reciever punches the giver in the nose. The mix of semen and blood looks like a strawberry milkshake.
After I ran out of juice, I gave her a knee in the nose and mixed it around using a reverse basket of fruit
by ben February 25, 2005
346 241
the act of cumming in a girls face and hitting her in the nose
she yelled someone elses name so i gave her a strawberry milkshake in her sleep!
by mike e boy September 05, 2005
172 138
When a man cums in a persons mouth and then punches them in the mouth and the blood and cum mix together.
That strawberry milk shake would be better if you shook your head a little and mixed it together!
by Deep_Throat March 19, 2005
63 34
Is when a woman starts her period while having unprotected intercourse. After the man finishes inside her the resultant excrement is known as the strawberry milk shake.
Pittman never paid for the sex but he did give her the strawberry milk shake. She left it in the sink for him..
by F 1 B 3 R September 08, 2010
23 11
When a man is having sex with a woman on her period and he pulls out and ejaculates in her mouth, and she swallows the half blood half semen like substance.
Although your on your period, I'm going to cum in your mouth. Therefore, giving you a strawberry milkshake.
by Claytonicus Maximus July 03, 2013
7 1
The sexual act in which one person, often the male, punches the other person, who may be male or female, in the face so that he or she begins to bleed from the nose. The person then ejaculates on the face of the individual whose nose is bleeding, which in turn creates a mixture of red and white liquid on the face, commonly referred to as a strawberry milkshake.
1. "OMG Stephen you have to cum on her face, but first punch her so you can make a tasty strawberry milkshake"

2. "Keri you won't believe what happened last night, I gave this girl the tastiest milkshake the other day, it was strawberry"
"Ew Stephen, that's gross, I hope you didn't punch her too hard!"
by Kerbear92 January 05, 2014
1 0
The act of banging a girl on her period and cumming inside her. You then proceed to suck out the mix of blood and semen through a straw.
#1: Dude.... that strawberry milkshake your mom gave me was gross.

#2: ..............................
by master of wank August 25, 2010
55 55