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The ultimate finish to oral sex. As the man deposits his nut butter upon the face of his partner he punches her in the face. When executed properly, the bloody nose produced will result in the famed "Strawberries and Cream".


"Mmmm, I love me some strawberries and cream"
by Gayathrizzle fo shizzle December 02, 2003
Any mixture of blood and semen. Some go for the 'hur hur alpha route' (blood nose), some are into biting their partners and drooling it onto their cock mid-handjob, or especially kinky partners might go for a blowjob with blood already in their mouth. Any way you slice it (another way of getting blood), it's one of the kinkier acts out there, though coming with a few risks for the unhygienic.

Not to be confused with the dessert.
Andrew's really into his girlfriend giving him strawberries and cream - it's the main reason he decided to date a nurse.

Guy A: Man, I love strawberries and cream.
Guy B: Me too. The pain takes getting used to, though.
Guy A: ... what.
by Harlequinzel November 25, 2015
1. Blood and ejaculate. Esp. menstral fluid and ejaculate.
After we finished intercorse, I noticed we made strawberries and cream.
by CoughSyrup November 01, 2006
When you cum in your girlfriend's vagina when she's on her period, reach your hand into her puss and throw the cum/blood mixture into her face, resulting in a Strawberries and Cream.
"I gave Betty the strawberries and Cream last night!"
by McMillion December 22, 2005
After having sexed your partner, you remove from whatever orifice you were penetrating and cream on some strawberries. Then, your partner eats the treat.
Man: Oh yeah.
Woman: yeah, right there.
Man: oh, thats nice.
Woman: you are so good.
Man: I know. Hold on a second. Oh yeah, oh yeah, here I come, get the strawberries.
Woman: What?
*Man Creams the Strawberries.
Man: Eat that. Strawberries and Cream. Eat that.
by 9Jesses August 24, 2007
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