1.N- Slang for something that is decent enough for you
2.Adv/adj- Adding it to a word makes that word legitly pure and cool
"Hows all that cash?"
"It's strate."

"I was strate dominating that girl."
by Bob "Docta Deez" Griffiths April 23, 2005
Top Definition
Strate is pretty much the same word as "straight". It is an adjective that means cool or awesome. Because when most people say gay they mean something is stupid, strate means that what they are talking about is pleasing to them. The fact that this word is one syllable makes it an easy word to say when complimenting something and really needs no other words as background in the sentence. "Strate man"
Ha dude did you see that? Ha that was strate.
by all real errday July 12, 2011
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