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1) The act of a salesperson developing an over-the-top strategy to entice a client they will never get.

2) The act of one lazy salesperson developing a plan to underhandedly take business from a co-worker in hopes of stealing their commission.
(example 1)
Prisilla: Do you think Randall's design presentation will be what Tom is looking for?

Bryan: Not even close. He's totally off base, and is taking it too far. He's stratajizzin' all over his idea.

(example 2)
Patty: I had a call with Jane today. She just introduced me to a client that is planning to place a huge order tomorrow. I can't wait to see where my next quarter numbers come in.

Brad: I'd watch out Patty, I just heard Russell on the phone with Jane too. He's been in his office all afternoon stratajizzin' in his pants trying to figure out how he can get a hold of your new client and that big order too.
by FishaDisha August 13, 2010