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A prank, usually which teenagers, in which a boy goes up behind a girl, grabs her bra through the shirt, pulls it back, and let's it go, making the strap slap her back.
"Damnitt! Todd just Strap Slapped me."
by Drummerdude95 April 03, 2009
Stemming from BRC or Bra Removal Confusion.
It occurs when one (either male or female) cannot undo a bra and the strap (in front, back, or side) and it slips, immediately followed with a whipping sound that results in minor to severe bruising on the shoulder blades, spinal column, or breasts.
My boyfriend can't take my bra off properly. I keep getting f***ing strap slap!
by patty-o-pinch-me-youdie October 13, 2006

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