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Stranded in L.A. is an independent, Los Angeles based, production company that has started to gain notoriety of late because of their off-color (and sometimes completely inappropriate) humor and popularity on comedy web sites such as collegehumor.com and break.com.
Me: Are you "Stranded" yet?
My friend: What?
Me: Stranded in L.A.?
My friend: Shiiii, who isn't?
by J Guy the Great! January 09, 2013
Stranded in L.A. is a web series created by Officially Stranded Productions. The web series has gained popularity of late due to it's often off-colored comedy and it's popularity on comedy web sites like College Humor and Break.
Me: Have you seen the new Stranded in L.A. video?
My Friend: I have and it was hilarious!
Me: I did not see that coming. Skid marks!!
by J Guy the Great! January 11, 2013