A "straight ally".

Used in some Gay-Straight Alliances and similar organizations to describe people who are not LGBT, but who want to promote LGBT rights, protect LGBT's from bullying, and/or simply want to reach out to a person who is LGB or T and let him/her know that s/he is in a safe place.
My best friend is a transsexual and the world views her as an abomination. That's one reason I'm a strally.

When I told my mom I was a strally in my university's GSA, she thought that a strally was a new kind of lesbian.
by Strally October 07, 2011
Top Definition
Strally Meaning Gun
Similar Words Strap Also Meaning Gun
I Got a Strally..
I Got a Gun
by Tottnarm 2 Pecknarm May 26, 2008
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